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Full Version: Check and Home Settings
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Hello everybody.
I see a strange behavior of "Check" key when I set some value to Digit Grouping in home settings...
For example, if Digit grouping is 123456,789, Check give syntax error with this test program :
(Cursor position just after the 'a' line 4)

If I set Digit grouping to 123456.789 no error... ?

EXPORT test()
local a;
To make your program compatible with the different digit grouping options you need to insert a pragma statement at the beginning:
  • set the digit grouping to 123456.789
  • position the cursor before EXPORT and press Menu > Insert pragma

#pragma mode( separator(.,;) integer(h32) )
EXPORT test()
local a;
Hello Didier and thanks !
I didn't know this "#pragma" but, after reading your post, I found some informations and details on it...


Thanks you.
Yes, it’s not well documented but it is a good practice to start any program with a #pragma statement. It avoids troubles if you change your decimal separator later on or if you share your program with someone using different settings.
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