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Full Version: 35s - out of stock
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While looking for a note on the 30b, I found the 35s to be out of stock on the US HP site. When adding it to cart, I got a plain ASCII message:

{"serverName":"29ma21457","add to cart":{"errorMessage":"Product Out Of Stock."}}

Again just good old HP website chaos, or is it finally over?
Hi Thomas,

at least HP Germany seems to have some in stock according to their web site (http://h20386.www2.hp.com/GermanyStore/M...UZ&sel=ACC) and sell it for 69,- €. The German dealer dynatech.de also says to have it in stock and sell it for an astonishing 32,95 €

Best regards

The german site also still lists the 30b. The dynatech price might indicate a clearance sale.
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