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Full Version: Windows 7 on HP Prime
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Just the screensaver in fact, just a demo for DIMGROB / ICON sprite possibilities with the calculator.

[Image: win7.png]

Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CH_nKKChA...e=youtu.be

This will fool lots of folks into buying HP Prime! you can sell this to HP?
By the way, if you look carefully this screensaver in a lab room with lots of pcs, they aren't random, it has some common seed so you probably can tell the time by following some positions of the logo in the screen.
This is actually the XP logo with XP replaced with the digit 7. I think the Microsoft and Windows logos have changed a lot since XP. Tongue

What would be fun is if someone made a 320x240 rendition of the Windows 7 desktop with a fake start menu and everything, like they did with that NES ROM with 98 once.
Well, but the logo looks like XP, if change the text to XP will be more realistic.
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