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Full Version: Huge calculator collection at Heinz-Nixdorf-Museum
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Hi All,

last week I had the chance to visit the Heinz-Nixdorf-Museum in Paderborn, Germany. It calls itself the largest computer museum in the world. Heinz Nixdorf was a very successful German computer pioneer starting a world wide computer manufacturing business in the 50's. The museum covers 5000 years of tools for calculating, computing, communicating and writing. Among many famous machines like e.g. the Altair 8800, Apple I, Zuse Z11, there are lots of mechanical calculating machines, typewriters and telephones on display. And they have a collection of about 700(!) electronic pocket calulators. To get an impression have a look here. There are several HP machines among them. I saw a HP-35, 65, 41,71, 20's series. Alas, no detailed information is provided which admittedly would be difficult. Anyway a visit of this museum is much more than worthwile and highly recommended.

Best regards

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