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Full Version: Insanity in Brazil US$1.600 !!!!
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Is that the same guy who buys things from ebay to resell them in Brazil for twice the normal price?
I do not intend to make a apology of the price chosen by the seller, but the fact is that the price on Amazon is $ 749.99 . With fees and transportation, arrives in Brazil as shown below:
Order Summary
Items: BRL 2.485,40
Shipping & handling: BRL 36,35
Total before tax: BRL 2.521,75
Estimated tax to be collected: BRL 0,00
Import Fees Deposit BRL 2.398,71
Order total: BRL 4.920,46

Talk about insanity:

Good Lord!
Insanity is everywhere online auctions are. Witness: this.

Sure, I'd like one. It's a piece of RPN history. That's a lot of airline tickets, museum passes, and hotels though.

Nigel Tout has a good page on his and that's all I can afford. Still; I wish I had walked into the junque shop that the seller did, about five minutes earlier.
Those are beautiful.
(06-08-2015 08:57 PM)Marcio Wrote: [ -> ]Talk about insanity:

Good Lord!

Insane taxes might explain overall insanity:

[Image: fx-991MS_zpso1rpm8my.jpg]

1 USD ~ π BRL (as of today :-)
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