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Full Version: HP 38G: Old Programme - What Does It Do?
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I found one of my old programmes recently & can't work out what it does.

Input is a real via Ans, output is a list of 3 integers in Ans, positive or negative.

Can anyone say what the programme is for?

Not having messed with my 38G in a while, what does Ans(7) (and the like) do? Is it implied multiplication, or does that index into a list of previous answers like on the TI-92/89? Or something else entirely?
Ans(7) in this case gets the 7th element of the list in Ans.
So let's see, take the input value, or 2 if it's less than that, and multiply it by a random complex number.

Then build an 8-element list of the real and imaginary parts of that result raised to the powers 6, 4, 3, and 2.

Then take that list, flip a coin, and return one of two three element lists composed of various sums/products of those real/imaginary parts.

If any of those three elements is zero, i.e. ΠLIST(Ans) returns 0, start again from the beginning with a new random complex number.

So I know what it's doing, but I haven't a clue why. It honestly just looks like a simple list and Ans manipulation test program.

Does the program name indicate anything?
It's a 10 element list.

Name of programme is P224- which doen't say much to me now & I never named the programmes consecutively.
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