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Full Version: Help with reading an old 5.25" DOS-formatted Disk
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I received today an old Numerical Analysis book with legacy BASIC listings. The book includes a DOS-formatted 5.25" disk. I looked up Amazon, eBay, and the Internet at large for an external USB drive that reads 5.25" disks. I found none! The information I got basically said that one needs an old computer with a 5.25" drive.

Can anyone help me in reading my disk and emailing me a zip file containing the listings. I will be happy to mail you the disk.

Please let me know if you can help me.



Your best bet is The Vintage Computer Forums:

Vintage Computer

I'm sure someone there would be happy to help you with this.

Smithville, NJ
It looks like this would be an easy DIY project.

Here's a USB to 5.25" floppy controller for $55.25USD:

FC5025 USB 5.25" Floppy Controller

5.25" floppy drives are readily available on eBay for $20-$40. You'd also need a power supply for the floppy drive.

Oh, and you could always house your DIY USB 5.25 floppy drive in a nice cigar box. ;-)
I have a vintage PC that I use for restoring Teledisk images from the HP Computer Museum. I should be able to read the disk. I'll PM you my address.

Hey Namir,

I have an old, truly genuine IBM PC/AT that I need an excuse to test. I also have a 5.25 floppy drive sitting around, that ought to connect to any of my Win98, WinXP, or Win7 PCs.

If you'd like, send me your floppy, and I'll see what I can do. Dave
If you are in Europe, I might be able to help you out.
(06-01-2015 12:46 AM)Mark Hardman Wrote: [ -> ]Here's a USB to 5.25" floppy controller for $55.25USD:

I tacked one of these together a couple of years ago (used an external 5.25" HD enclosure which had a power supply). Works great! Wish they'd add a few CP/M formats, though.
I still have machines with working floppy interfaces and have 5.25in drives in my parts bin. I can help out. Greater Metro Atlanta area.

- John
Thank you for your responses. I think Dave Frederickson might help me. I am sending him the disk.

Why not just buy the Numerical Recipies CD? I recall that it has the Basic stuff as well, but I am not 100% sure. Check it out at nr.com?
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