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Full Version: calculator and algebraic to RPN/RPL online converter
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Sorry for my regular English

> It serves to facilitate the conversion of mathematical expressions to postfix notation (HP50-RPN).
> Possibility of assigning values to the symbolic variables
> Evaluation of the expression
> Shows the evaluation step by step
> Self-written comments
> It serves to learn logic RPN

> Sirve para facilitar la conversión de expresiones matemáticas complejas o extensas a notación postfija (HP50-RPN).
> Posibilidad de asignar valores a las variables simbólicas
> Evaluación de la expresión ingresada
> Muestra paso a paso la evaluación
> Comentarios auto-documentados
> Sirve para aprender la lógica del RPN
> Sirve para los cursos donde se practica las estructuras de datos de tipo Pilas.
> Agrupación por operadores y operandos para facilitar los procedimientos

Author: Xavier (Spain)


[Image: online_converter_of_algebraic_expression...mage00.png]

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Wanted tester fot the new Version (2018):

I am not the author of the application
Please try, report errors, suggestions etc., transmit the author what was found
(1+(1+I)^-N)/I converts to RPN just fine:

  @ RPN of (1+(1+I)^-N)/I



However, with the Evaluate gives an answer of 1+2/I . I have not assigned any values to any variables.
1. The SQRT function does not copy to the Expression box. Thankfully the square root symbol does.

2. RE and IM are not allowed in the converter. Do you plan to implement complex number functions? Currently a value of i that is assigned to a variable has a value of 1.

3. Do you plan to have an option to use the LASTx feature? Same for SWAP or ROLL (down)? Or least to turn those functions on?

Promising converter!

Hi Eddie,
Today, I've seen this thread and your comment. Could you please tell me if you find resolved the some problems you mentioned, e.g., SQRT, RE and IM function? I wonder how could an algebraic expression like, say (2+x^2+y), contain 'LAST' feature or any other stack function as SWAP or ROLL. Perhaps, this should not be an algebra to RPN task.
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