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Full Version: Updating HP Prime Virtual Calculator Running on Mac OS X with WineBottler?
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I successfully installed the virtual calculator on my Windows computer at work. I also successfully installed it on my personal Mac OS X using WineBottler. The recent update was easy to get on my real calculator with the connectivity kit and on the virtual calculator that runs on Windows. I have not been able to update it on Mac OS X, though.

The (older version) virtual calculator runs fine and it sees and downloads the update but the update process must use a separate program or process that is not 'bottled' with it. The connectivity kit also runs fine when bottled for Mac OS X, but it only communicates with my real calculator through USB, not the virtual calculator running on the same machine but separately.

I even tried to un-install the older version and re-bottle the newer version but the resulting application no longer runs.

I wonder if anyone knows how to update the virtual calculator that is bottled for Mac OS X?

Two part answer... To the best of my knowledge, version 7820 will not run in Wine as it does not support Visual Studio 2013 redist which is used in 7820. I could not get it to install on my Mac. To answer your question, you cannot do an update to the emulator from Wine. At a point in the past I did a prior update by copying the files from Windows onto my Mac. I had to update the app contents as well as the files in the application support folder. A big pain in the rear.

I updated my VMware Fusion and moved from XP to Windows 7 on my Mac (7820 does not run on XP).
(05-31-2015 03:29 PM)kharpster Wrote: [ -> ]I updated my VMware Fusion and moved from XP to Windows 7 on my Mac (7820 does not run on XP).

I'm trying it just now on Windows 8.1 with Parallels.
With "Coherence" I get fonts too small in the window of programs.
It would be better to have an option to configure them via the program...
For the rest, all ok in Mac OS X 10.10.3 Yoesemite.

I wonder if there is a way to help with fonts in CK...

Wine here doesn't goes...

As kharpster pointed out the Visual C++ 2013 is the main problem. However for me the installation already crashes at an earlier point because wine seems to have a problem with the OSX File system permissions. It says something like access denied in the log file. (Which is still a bit funny because I can install e.g. LTSpice without problems in Wine on OSX)

So one key to "success" (or lets say to make the installation crash a bit later) is to install it on a FAT file system, I simply used a USB thumbdrive. But as I've said, its still not possible to install it successfully. But maybe a hint and starting point in case somebody else wants to challenge their skills on that problem.

- Stefan
Okay Success!! Smile

I tried it again. This time not with WineBottler, but with Crossover for Mac, same should probably work for Linux. The file system permissions didn't seem to be a problem this time.

How I did it:
1. Download and install (Trial version) of Crossover for Mac ( https://www.codeweavers.com/products/cro...%2Ftosf%2F )

2. Now I first installed the Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (the installer will be downloaded automatically by crossover):
2a: Start Crossover, click "Install a Windows Application"
2b: In the search field enter "visual c++ 2013", choose the corresponding entry from the list
2c: Choose the "Bottle" in which to install, I created a new "Windows 7" bottle with name HP_Prime.
2d: Click install.

3. Now we can install the Prime Emulator:
3a: Download the latest version of the Emulator (http://ftp.ftp.hp.com/pub/calculators/Pr..._04_27.exe)
3b: Open Crossover, Right-click the "HP_Prime" Bottle from the list, choose "Install Software into HP_Prime"
3c: In the list scroll all the way down, choose "non-supported application".
3d: Next click "choose installer file" (My system is set to German, so it may be labelled a little different than what i Write here, but I guess you'll figure it out, because only Geeks use HP calcs anyway Tongue), and choose the previously downloaded exe
3e: Install!

4: Enjoy

My System: MB Pro, OSX Yosemite 10.10.3
Crossover for Mac (Trial), Version 14.1.3 (
Crossover for Mac from CodeWeavers is $59.95 after the twenty-day free trial, right? So, HP Prime Virtual Calculator stops running in twenty days with another purchase?
True, Crossover is not free. However there are also cheaper versions available (with only 1 month of updates for example.) And they also distribute coupons quite often which give big discounts (Googling lead me there for example: http://www.retailmenot.com/view/codeweavers.com)

BUT: Crossover is entirely based on wine and winetricks, they just put a bit more love/$$$ into tweaking it so that it works. *That means*: In theory it should be possible to get it working with the normal, free version of wine.
I did a quick test: When I start (the free version) wine on my Mac, Wine shows the Crossover bottle as one of the available prefixes. Opening the file manager on that bottle, one can navigate to the Program files/Hewlett Packard... folder and start the emulator.
(One thing i had to do is to first choose another prefix, and then switch back to the prefix in which the Emu is installed, otherwise it would open a different location.)

So basically it seems to be enough to just do the install using the Trial version of crossover, and then for the rest use the free version of wine to run it.

Anyway: I found Crossover a very nice piece of software in the past. Less hassles than with the free WineBottler. I used Crossover in the past to get the Windows version of MS Office to run on Linux and Mac because I wasn't really satisfied with the Mac Version of MS Office, because it lacks some features. So buying crossover wouldn't be just a investment for an, otherwise free, emulator ^^
Stefan, thanks for your help. I got a coupon for a discount and bought Crossover. I was able to install it and then install HP Prime Virtual Calculator. It never would have occurred to me which support files were needed to get it to run (C++ 2013), so many thanks.

I could not get the HP Connectivity Kit to install and run successfully, but no big deal.
Make sure you check out nlj's post, he was able to get the emulator running in Wine

I have been using Stefan's instructions successfully until the latest update (8/29/2016). I tried to install the virtual calculator as before but now I get this error message:

0x80070538 Invalid ACL

I can check with the Crossover forums to see if they know but I thought that someone on this forum might have solved it already.

I searched the Crossover forums for this error but nothing is there.

What Windows requirements might have changed between the last two releases? I installed the Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable. Is there something else or something different?
I was able to re-install the 10077 version of the VC and CK without any problems. What is it about the new version that causes this error? I guess I am stuck with 10077.
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