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Full Version: Strange result unit conversion on spreadsheet
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Hello, greetings from Spain.

I was doing some conversion formulas on a spreadsheet. But There are two unexpected behaviours.
First, sometimes when I open the sheet, some cells warn with "Overflow" error, but if you edit that cell and simply press OK it fixes with the desirable result.

The other issue is the cell D6. The units are a garbage (_kN*m^2*Zm^16). The formula is a product from one unit cell to other. And if I swap the product, it gives another kind of error 9,68E335_(m^18*kN). What the...??
It´s obvious there is a bug there, I´ve attached the spreadsheet to check it by you.

Hope you find the issue. Many thanks.
Thank you Tim for this new unexpected firmware.

When I saw some of the fixes is: 7. Resolved issue with unit saving in spreadsheet

I thought the problem of my spreadsheet was fixed. But I´ve checked it and the results of D6 (C5*D4) is a strange result: 9,68E335_(m^18*k(kg*m/s^2). Take a look a the file attached on the first post. Thank you.
We did use it. :-)

The issue was with the data stored for a unit object. Edit, press OK, it will re-evaluate, and it will be good from now on. Nothing that could be done to automatically correct the stored data automatically though unfortunately.
The issue was partially fixed. Thank you anyway for using my sheet.
Now I´m trying to do sme king of "trick", I want to use a command similar to old UVAL from HP 49 series, to get only the numerical result and then add a "string" with the correct units. Which is the equivalent command of UVAL? Thank you again.
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