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Full Version: HP Prime Washed Out
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Help. Right in the middle of class today, my Prime became washed out. Very difficult to read anything on the screen; the soft menu buttons are light gray with horizontal lines (not black), and the highlighted menu bars are nearly non-existent (can't see when an option is selected). I've reset the calculator and changed the backlight setting, but neither of these changes the washed out appearance. Is there another contrast setting I'm overlooking, or did my screen go south.

Thanks for the help.

I'd contact support. At first listen it sounds like some sort of hardware thing. They will have to have you go through the full steps for them to make any sort of decision though.
Thanks Tim. I talked to Paul at HP and it looks like it's a hardware problem. Hopefully I can get a replacement. Here's a screen shot of what a washed-out screen looks like. Blurry text; no highlighted drop down boxes; gray soft menu buttons; vibrating horizontal lines. Weird stuff. I updated to firmware 7820 on a few days ago, but I can't imagine that had anything to do with it.

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