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Full Version: I need help!
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I have to enter a lot of DATA in the Prime for a astronomy application. I will use the AVars() command to make the data available for many program in the app.
Can you please check on your side if this is OK.
If I create a variable with AVars() and after that if I make a backup, the restore command do not restore the variable..
I do this on virtual and Prime and this is always the same.
If this is the same for you, can you tell me...
Since yesterday, nobody respond to me...

I just tested:

FOR A FROM 0 TO 10 DO AVars("Name"+A):=A; END

This created my variables. I then dragged that application in the connkit to my files. It copied it fine.

I then reset the emulator. I then dragged the application back to send it. It sent. AVars listed all the variables.

I then tried doing a complete backup and restore. That also seemed to work fine.

Please describe your steps in "I make a backup".
First: Thank you

I connect to the connkit, I click on the tab with the name of my prime and after that I right click and choose backup. After that I quit (close all the connkit and calculator). After I reconnect click on the name and right click to choose restore. If I go and check on the calculator, the variable are not there...
(I speak french so I make mistake sorry..)
Can you please email your backup or application you feel is not restoring?

timwessman hp.com
I will email you the compress file..
The application's name is AstroLab and I just enter some Data but I stop when I discover this thing...
Thank you.
(If you wish, you can go on the forum of Mathematica to see AstroLab.nb. I do this last summer and this summer I will do the same for the Prime.)
My name is Marcel Pelletier.

It looks like what is actually happening is you've named you application using a . in the name. That will cause problems since the calculator uses . for doing full qualification of variables or functions - eg: Solve.CHECK or similar. It is blocking the app from being loaded because the name is invalid.

If you rename "Prime Astro Lab 4.0" to just "Prime Astro Lab 4" then everything seems to work fine. I will need to throw up some additional warnings somewhere it seems.
Thank you Tim, all work fine now.
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