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Full Version: help about CalcPV, CalFV
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I need some info about Finance.CalcPV and Finance.CalcFV

The help is:
Finance.CalcPV(NbPmt, IPYR, PMT, FV [PPYR, CPYR, BEG])
Finace.CalcFV(NbPmt, IPYR, PV, PMT [PPYR, CPYR, BEG])
is it intended the inversion between "PMT, FV" and "PV, PMT"? for symmetry, maybe, use the same series would be better...

However, the help says BEG is 0 for "end" and 1 for "begin"...
I input (in command line) Finance.CalcPV(48, 5.9, -450, 0, 12, 12, 0) and I get PV=19292.993
with Finance.CalcPV(48, 5.9, -450, 0, 12, 12, 1) I get PV=19198.6
With my 12C 19198.6 is the result for "END" period, not for "BEGIN", and the other is for BEGIN (and not END).
Also with the Finance App I get the result (correctly) inverted...

In the Prime command line is there another logic? the help is wrong? or...

idem about Help for Beginning in CalcFV...
BEG=0 is end and BEG=1 is begin? or Am I confused?
is the default value 1 or 0?
In HELP I read "BEG: payments made at the beginning(1) or end(0) of the period"...

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