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Full Version: 41CV new owner questions
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(05-26-2015 11:26 AM)Dieter Wrote: [ -> ]
(05-22-2015 03:59 AM)TASP Wrote: [ -> ]An XMEM or 2 will need an XFUN also. Just on principle I'd suggest a Rev. C, but a deal on a B or an unknown would be worth watching for. Also, a Rev. G card reader is suggested if you're serious about the XMEM, the VER bug is annoying, but not everyone VERs cards as much as I do.

In Cat 2 my X-Mem show up as "-EXT FCN 1C". Is this what you call "Rev. C"? What are the differences compared to Rev. B or others, so that C is the preferred version?

And what about the VER bug? My card reader is version 1E, I never had problems with the VER command (yes, I used it quite often). So why do you prefer version G, or in other words: what's wrong with my version 1E?


Hi Dieter!

Here's an hint from an old thread.
The VER function will corrupt one data register in the XM. Can't recall offhand if it is the 'second' or 'third' block of XM. Rev. G (and higher if they made them) card readers have had the VER function modified to not bother the XM.

PPCJournal had a routine for allowing use of the VER function in rev. F and earlier card readers, but I'm not recalling what issue it was in.
Keith Jarret's book, HP-41 Extended Functions Made Easy, in the "Bugs" chapter (pages 3-5) notes the Rev. B XFun has a problem with SAVEP, PCLPS, and PURFL and gives a longer discussion of the problems on pages 12 and 13, and pages 19 thru 21.

Revision C fixes those bugs, or if you have a Rev B, Keith's book has solutions for that module.

The CX has a built in XFun with more features, and does not have the above bugs. A CX will experience the VER bug if it has additional XM and is used with a Rev F or earlier card reader.

THANX Keith !!
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