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Full Version: EDITLIST and EDITMAT bugs
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If you try to use either of these commands in RPN mode, the emulator crashes hard, every time. (Don't know what it does on the physical calculator, as I don't have one yet.)

Sometimes it crashes hard enough to wipe all your programs, too! (It'd be nice to have a way to back up one's programs, btw.)
I can confirm that it also crashes the physical Prime, when entering these commands in Home view with RPN entry mode. However, you can still access the List and Matrix editors from the keyboard with Shift List or Shift Matrix w/o crashing the calculator. If you use the commands in CAS view with RPN entry mode enabled it will also work w/o crashing the calculator.

As to program backup, if you don't have the connectivity kit, you can copy the files in the application files directory on your pc to a different folder to safeguard them in the event you have to reset your emulator.
That is one of the reasons I don't use RPN anymore with the Prime in home view (as much as I love RPN, and I use it exclusively with the 50G).

The Prime was simply not designed with RPN in mind, viz. PPL and the CAS, which don't accept RPN syntax. So why even bother with RPN?
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