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Full Version: Error: Bad argument type
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Updated my Prime to new version 2015 4 27 (7820)

A program that worked previously now does not, and this statement typed into Home or CAS windows now gives the error: Bad argument type


matev is a CAS 4x4 symbolic matrix of the variable x

G = 5 (a guess)

I can't find nSolve in the catalog. Is this the problem ?

Edit: Apparently nSolve has been replaced with fsolve, and the proper syntax has become


which does not result in an error and does yield the correct result.
You have answered the question yourself. nsolve is useless having fsolve, because all the features nsolved had, is contained in fsolve, a command for "all terrain" numeric solving.
Perhaps, but why does HP make these sort of changes w/o doumenting them in the changes file. It leaves one in a quandry trying to determine why a program that used to work perfectly, but now fails for no apparent reason.

The reason I made this post is so that others might benefit from my discovery in the event they have a similar problem. Smile
That information was meant to be in there. I apologize for it not being in the release note. I've updated them, but until the next time an upload happens it probably won't show up.

In the meantime, I updated that post (http://www.hpmuseum.org/forum/thread-3823.html) with the information.
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