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Full Version: New Version Error Loading
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OK, so I updated the virtual Prime, as well as the ConnKit without any problems.

However, updating the physical Prime doesn't work. I get "Error 20" messages, line after line, and the calculator is unresponsive and doesn't turn off.

How can this be so difficult? Windows 7 64-bit.

Thanks for any tips!
Took the battery out, and I'm back to the old version. Luckily, it boots up.

But how do I upgrade?
Have you tried hard-resetting it with a paper clip?

After that, you could try again via connkit. Connect the calc to the connkit, go the 'help' menu and voila.
Yes, I tried it a second time.

This time, I,m stuck at the V13 Upgrade screen. Again, calc doesn't turn off. Unbelievable.
Finally, it worked!!! After forcing re-detection of the USB driver, see Tim's note under (B) in his thread. Thanks!
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