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Full Version: WAIT(); command Help! (SOLVED!)
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I've an issue with the WAIT() command, I have a program that has around 37 subprograms, each of them has only one WAIT(-1); command at the end in order to show some results. My problem now is that... those results resume automatically after 60 seconds (without pressing any key), it doesn't matter if I use WAIT(-1); or WAIT(0); or WAIT;... these results keep fading away after one minute, aren't they supposed to remain in the terminal window indefinitely... until I press a key?, unfortunately they don't. Are there any other parameters of the WAIT() command I can use to keep those results on the screen until I press a key?
I also tried WAIT(300); this one lasts for 5 minutes, but in the mean time I can't resume the program normally ... I have to wait until time is up, ... well yes I can resume by pressing the [ON] key but that kills the whole program, and that's not the idea.

Thank you.
Perhaps you could make a wait subprogram for your needs?


  repeat until getkey>-1;  // Waits until any key is pressed...
Hi DrD!

Thank you very much for your suggestion, it did work!
Unfortunately I still can not figure out why the WAIT() command is not working properly. We wouldn't have to generate our own WAIT pseudo programs, if the WAIT() command work the way it is supposed to.
Well ... wait() does work as described in the help file. Maybe not to be confused with the way, "it's supposed to," or perhaps the way we expected it might work. These things become less important as we get used to their actual behavior, or at least I can get along with them as such.
Yeah... that's right!
I would just ask Hp for a little update to our help file in the actual calculator and the UG.
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