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Full Version: Android emulator PDF help file issues
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I am having an interesting issue opening the Quick Start or User Manual from within the Android emulator. The associated PDF files are downloaded each and every time that I select them from the pullout menu in the emulator. They are renamed because they already exist so I end up with multiple PDF files. Also, the user manual is not downloaded in its entirety so it crashes when attempting to view it. I am running the emulator on a Nexus 7, and a Droid Ultra, the issue exists on both devices... Turning off the network connection confirms that the emulator is attempting to download the files each time they are selected.
Rather strange. I know nobody has encountered (at least reported) this issue before and it is new to me. Could you please send an email to the support email for the application with a few details like your current language setting, what the files are getting named to and anything else you might think could be helpful?

If you provide me with the appropriate email address I will send the information necessary for the team to attempt to replicate the issue.
calculators@hp.com is the email listed on the play store and will go directly there.
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