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Full Version: Born in USA, built in France
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Hi everybody,
I owned the wp34s about one year ago and I suddenly saw the wp31s. But this nice calculator costs 88€ with shipping to France... very expensive, indeed. So that was time to BIY (build it yourself). Allright then, one Hp30b, one Arduino (already have it) : the programming went well. But then, what about the overlay ? Fortunatly, I have a Craft Robo, a nice machine that cuts (well known for scrapbooking - which I don't do, I bought it to do rocket models in paper). After having struggled with the overlay found on Sourceforge, this is the result printed and cutted on self adhesive matt vinyl. Not that bad and I'm happy having given some (tiny) efforts as you guys did, developping all that stuff. Thank you ! And sorry for my bad English...
Something like "Conceived in Canada" might fit in your title too because of Sanjeev.

When you do a BIY; you really biY. Great!
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