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Full Version: I/R Printer module and the Plotter, Extended I/O, and/or Devel
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I was thinking about the Extended I/O and Development ROMs (and the Plotter too) in regards to the I/R printer module and the I/R printer.

My first thought was to not waste any time wondering if any of those ROMs would enhance the I/R printer at all since it's not an IL device. But then it occurred to me, somebody here with WAY more recent experience in all things 41 might have had the time and inclination to actually plug them in together and see if anything interesting came up.

I'm still thinking the Extended and the Devel aren't going to help much, but the plotter is the one of the Trinity I don't have, so it is a little more mysterious to me in what it brings to the table.

Also, since we are opening this can of worms, would the 82143 printer be 'identical' from the HPIL angle to the I/R printer ?

(I could probably research all of this, but if it's already been done, and I ask here, we can all find out)

thanx regardless !!
In the preface of the Plotter Manual the first paragraph states: "This manual was written with the assumption that the you have a working knowledge of the HP-41 Handheld Computer, the HP 82160A HP-IL Module, a compatible plotter, and - for those using the plotter modules bar code functions - the HP Optical Wand." Looking further in the manual I don't see anything about the IR printer. Most of the manual covers running a pen plotter with the module.

If memory serves, when I bought my 82162A HP-IL thermal printer, it was the only one of the three little thermal printers that could use the plotter module functions to print bar code. The combination works for that, but it is rather inelegant looking barcode that requires scissors, tape and a degree of patience to be useful.
The 41-IR module/printer is a more modern version of the 82143A printer.
The 82184A Plotter module was made for the HP-7470A HP-IL desktop plotter with a barcode compatibility mode for the 82162A IL thermal printer.
If you have the HP-IL/IB interface, in manual mode, the module is also working for several HP-IB HPGL plotters (7470A, 7475A, etc).
So, in summary, the plotter module is basically a FOCAL abstraction of the raw HPGL language commands while the HP-IR/82143A is a specific printer implementation for the HP-41 calculator.
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