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Full Version: COLUMNS for HP Prime (WIP)
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Does anyone happen to know the scoring rules for the game Columns originally created for the Sega Game Gear (or was there an older version)? I've been working on a version for the HP Prime (partly inspired by the HP48 version by Spartacus and Fatri). All that's left for a playable version is the scoring system and the removal of blocks. If anyone has played this game (or perhaps more importantly is old enough to have even heard of this game that was released back in the day), please share what you know about the scoring system.

Edit: well, I went ahead and made my own scoring system. Beta version available from the HP Prime Software Library

Your game seems to be awesome !

Scoring should be proportionnal to the number of aligned same colour gems.
(01-10-2014 04:45 PM)compsystems Wrote: [ -> ]Han, You can create a skin with a screen rotated 90 degrees?

Perhaps in a future version once I get everything working. I coded it in a way that will make it easier for me update the source to allow users to switch the view. I personally like to hold the calculator sideways while playing this game. Another needed feature are different shapes, as there could be users who cannot distinguish various colors.
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