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Full Version: Replacing 82033A battery with passive components
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As expected the batteries in the battery pack in my 82161A Digital Cassette Drive have expired.
Does anybody know the circuit diagram and values to replace the battery pack with passive components?
Being connected to the wall socket at all times will not be a problem.

Mike Pearson
The terminal toward the back of the unit is +, and toward the front is -. I've run mine on a 5V power supply.
Many thanks for the prompt reply.
When you say you powered it from a 5V supply. Did you just connect it across the gold spring contacts in the battery compartment, without connecting the mains PSU?
- bit worried about connecting the mains PSU without the battery and causing damage to the cassette drive.

Mike Pearson

(Lowestoft, England)
The 5V supply was filtered and regulated, and I just clipped onto the gold spring contacts. I did not use the HP-supplied wall wart, nor was there a battery involved anywhere.
Thanks, will try that.
Your links page has a lot of very interesting items.
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