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Full Version: Classified Ads and eBay
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The new Classifieds section strictly prohibits eBay and other auction related postings. I think this is a bit draconian. Even the "old" Classifieds section allowed you to post auctions. Users then had the option to view the listings with or without auctions.

As an example, under the new Classified section's rules Diego would not have been allowed to advertise his latest batch of HP-41 Flex-PCB replacements--and I would have missed out on a terrific opportunity.

There must be some level of compromise that is acceptable.

Mark Hardman

David Shenk

I completely agree.
(12-12-2013 03:30 AM)Mark Hardman Wrote: [ -> ]Even the "old" Classifieds section allowed you to post auctions. Users then had the option to view the listings with or without auctions.

When I was selling my collection on eBay, I would often post an ad here referring to my eBay auctions. As a seller, I thought it was a good way to get like minded collectors aware of what I was offering. (I'd prefer forum members as customers because they shared my sense of respect for the machines. An example of the opposite sort of customer would have been someone like Coburlin.)

As a collector, I was often interested in what showed up on the classified section. I was quite happy to then have an eBay link to click to pursue my interest in an item.

With this policy, I would only see items that weren't for sale on eBay. That limits both the buyer and seller quite a bit. Having put on both hats as a collector, I'd like to register my disappointment in this apparent restriction.
Perhaps Dave updated the Classified section, but I am reading the eBay and other auction site restrictions to mean that you should not place LINKS to the sites. I don't think it means that we can no longer mention auctions, etc. (It really boils down to what Dave meant by "do not refer to" -- does he mean refer in the sense of links? Or are we to interpret "do not refer to" to mean "don't even mention"? I think he meant the former.) My memory may be wrong, but I was under the impression that was a longstanding rule even on the old forums. So I think we are in the clear when posting only, say, item numbers from eBay or whatever other auction site people use. Just don't place links.
Quote:Do not link to or refer to auction sites such as ebay from this forum.

This highlighted statement from the rules at the top Classifieds forum is crystal clear to me. Referring even to the number of a particular eBay auction would not be permitted.

I guess we could skirt the rules by suggesting that the reader should search for such-and-such on "TAS".

I'd much rather have David clarify the restriction and possibly compromise to at least allow that Ads be posted with (AUCTION) in the subject line.

Mark Hardman
Worst case scenario -- just describe the item only and ask users to PM you for more information. Not the most convenient way but this is how it would work for most non-auction type of transactions anyway. So if nothing else, it keeps the ads section consistent.
A well known Australian collector posted two eBay auctions in the Classifieds section earlier today. His postings only referenced the eBay auction numbers.

These posting have since been removed.

It looks like the Curator is serious that the new Classifieds section is an eBay/auction free zone.

Mark Hardman
I'll go ahead and post my disagreement with that policy.

Auctions should be clearly flagged as such, but I think they should be allowed.
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