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Full Version: HMS / HR equivalent for the WP34s
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Brain fart!

I just built two full upgrade WP 34s and a WP31s this week, that makes a total of five WP34s to date and not a single one for me, until now :-) So I started to program and for the life of me I cannot find the HMS/HR (41c) equivalent conversions. I know they are there as I did write a few programs a couple of years ago (can't find them) for a calc that I gave to a friend.

I want to prompt for degrees minutes seconds and convert to decimal degrees for storage and manipulation.

Ex). 4hours 30 minutes --- 4.5 hours

Hahahahah, found it!


Any helppppppp!

Conversions begin with the arrow key.

- Pauli
That is what I forgot to do, found out by rereading the text


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