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Full Version: Help identifying an HP leather case.
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Could I ask the forums help in identifying a leather HP pouch I picked up the other day.

I have searched Google, including images and cannot find any reference to it. It's 5.5x10x1 inches with a Velcro fold-over flap. The flap has the HP / HEWLETT PACKARD logo pressed into the leather. It's all black, and has a soft black interior. There is a small white seam label which says Made in Singapore.

Any idea anybody?

David (DavCorn)
With just a cursory look, pioneer, (hp42s) family


Is'nt a 11" diagonal a little too long for a 42s?
Didn't pay attention to the dimensions, 5.5 inches wide, wow. Yep not a pioneer but in shape and proportion it would appear similar.

Maybe an hp instrument pouch as opposed to a calc.

I've found a couple of cases at the flea that were made out of the same material, had the same label, and were about that height but wider.
Because of what I found them with; I believer mine were cable pouches for hp laptop or printer gear (cables?). I turned them inside out and with two seams each to narrow them up they became good homes for naked calcs. Yours looks like it has a factory seam.
As Forrest Gump said: "that's all I know about that".
It's just a hair too small to be for an HP-75, but close enough that I had to measure. Did HP make any handheld oscilloscopes that size? How thick is it?
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