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Full Version: Requests hp-prime computer software (PC)
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1: It requires copying the expressions of the input line in ANSI format, with the purpose of made tutorials using normal text font
Edit/ Copy > Copy =>

Edit/ Copy > Copy Unicode > Copy Ansi

√(((-√(17)-3/2)/(√(3)-2^(1/4)))+23)+5 (unicode)


sqrt(((-sqrt(17)-3/2)/(sqrt(3)-2^(1/4)))+23)+5 (ansi)

∂(x²,x) (unicode)

der(x²,x) (ansi)

2: The [copy] and [paste] function menu, synchronize with the windows clipboard

3: in the menu Calculator / Hide Title Bar

must be

Calculator / Hide Title and Menu Bar

can also create an option only hide the title bar and other option only to hide the menu bar.

4: option to show separately the display, with the purpose accommodate to better the application in split screens.
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