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Full Version: HP 65 Serial Number 1333A and capacitors
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On July 30 2001, I posted in this forum about serial number 1333.

In response to my post David Smith said: “Although HP calls the first digits of their serial number the week of production, this is generally not so. It seems it is more like a production run number. I have seen 1333 units with serial numbers over 30,000... HP did not have the production capacity to crank out 30,000 of these units in one week".

My conclusion was “Sounds like all hp 65 sold in January 1974 were 1333”.

Today in 2015 I conclude again that 1333 was the period that HP produced the machines sold in January 1974 and were produced in USA. 1333 was not a week in 1973.

In 2001 I bought a HP 65 1333A01397. I fixed the card reader and actually is in fine conditions: functional and cosmetically.

Recently I got a HP 65 1333A16026 in poor condition (CPU and Card Reader PCB are dead). But I could compare the two and the PCB card reader is different.

1333A16026, others serial 1606A, 1608S and HP 67 1612A uses three radial tantalum capacitors. This changed after in HP 67 by one tantalum capacitor (not radial).

But 1333A01397 uses 4 tantalum capacitors on the Card Reader PCB. I think this calculator is older than HP 65 with 3 capacitors.

Somebody knows about the four capacitors from the HP 65 1333A0XXXX?

Has bugs HP 65 1333A?

Best Regards, Edwin
1333A24203 3 capacitors, Newest chip datestamp is 7432
1509S07909 3 capacitors, Newest chip datestamp is 7444
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