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Full Version: Wish: shared base setting or programmable in cas
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hello it's the integer man speaking. A lonely man....

In practice I was not fully satisfied with how hp deals with integers from the very beginning. There are ideas of little helper programs I am working on. Far from being satisfactional at the moment.

Integer handling in cas should really be the same as in home! I can enter #42h and no matter what setting for integer I choose it is shown as 66.

cas and home have different settings for the default base. Plus the cas setting is NOT programmable. Why not making cas and home share the same setting named 'base'?
If not feasable you could introduce tw0 system variables:
base_home that is an alias for base and
base_cas which can be programmed from a program.

I know that integer conversion is obviously not rated as important for a school calculator. But it is a detail. A detail of importance for some.
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