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Full Version: New ROM update for your HP 50g
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the latest MLP/OSE now has a new constant catalogue that is font aware.

[Image: conlib_01unshd.gif] [Image: conlib_02kasif.gif]

[Image: conlib_038lshb.gif] [Image: conlib_040zshl.gif]

[Image: conlib_05oss3n.gif] [Image: conlib_06b3sam.gif]

And as an additional gimmick the constants have been updated with today values.

Note: In RPN mode CONST is remapped internally to a different command. If
you use CONST in an algebraic expression or program and then transfer it to a
calculator without an installed MLP/OSE ensure that your are using ASCII transfer.

(03-31-2015 02:56 PM)Software49g Wrote: [ -> ]And as an additional gimmick the constants have been updated with today values.

Note: In RPN mode CONST is remapped internally to a different command.
Andreas, do you completely replace the CONST command by a parallel implementation, or does your command work more like a wrapper and continues to use parts of the existing command internally?

In the latter case, do you think a similar approach would be possible to "overload" the messages (and some of the logic) of the periodic table of elements? As you probably know, some of the names and values are outdated and various additional elements have been found in the past 20 years when the database was last updated.


Hello Matthias,

there is – in RPN – no need to completely overtake the built-in command CONST,
as a named ROMPTR can easily be overwritten. (However, the ALG compiler
unfortunately does not use the same mechanism, in ALG mode a complete take
over of the whole library would be necessary as the ALG compiler does not use
the "hooks" provided by the RPN implementation.) I could completely overtake it
(as it is done with other internal libraries by the MLP/OSE), but at present I have
no interest in overtaking it (it is much more work and I do not really care about
ALG mode).

Now for answering your question:
Taking over the built-in constant library is done by overtaking the named ROMPTR
xCONST. This means, that when ever you use the build-in editor and exit it with
[ENTER], that all calls to xCONST will be recompiled to the chosen ROMPTR of the
As I use xCONST as a hook to get into the original library, it is a mix of replacement
code (for GUI, speed, data, etc.) and calls into the existing ROM code.

Taking over the periodic table would be a lot easier, as it was never part of the
ROM. It is an ordinary 3rd party library and is in no way interconnected with the
ROM. So there is no need for any quirks or other dirty tricks.

Simply the values have to be updated and than recompilation of the library must be
done. As it is – at present – unlikely, that this will be done by HP (and if none of
the periodic tables at http://hpcalc.org fits your needs) the original periodic table must be
disassembled, values must be replaced and then the library must be recompiled.

Or (it might be a lot easier), ask Raymond, who has already done a complete clone
of HP’s Periodic Table, if he is willing to update it with today’s values.
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