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Full Version: Open Statistics from a program
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I need some help to open Statistics (1var or 2var) app from a program.

I'm trying:

EXPORT argo()
MSGBOX("My dog is hungry");
STARTAPP("Statistics 2Var);
MSGBOX("Argo is here");
MSGBOX("The dog now sleeps");

I found a few problem:
1. Sometimes after the program ending Prime (or Emulator) reset (also with "startapp" of Statistics 1Var). This happen especially if I move the graphic Zoom and so on)...
2. using Statistics 1var, when in Symb is set Histogram with D1 and D2 (as frequencies), I get sometimes an error H1 (i.e. if already they are data in D1, D2; Wight/Frequencies is < 0 or other errors), but this is a problem of Statistics 1Var, I think...

I would like to edit D1, D2 and so on, then return to the original program...
But doing so, every key or cursor movement close the view and returns to the program...

Please, help!

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