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Full Version: ENCOA
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A short while back, a reference to the DTIC search engine ...


... included a paper describing an automated ENCOA procedure for the HP-41 series calculator. The paper is detailed in every aspect BUT one: NO PROGRAM LISTING. Is the program available in keycode format?

Your only hope is to locate someone that has copies of the original program cards or someone who had printed the program out.

You could try to locate the authors of the study, if they are still alive. Or try to contact some one at the U. S. Army Research Institute. There's also Decisions and Designs, Inc. Not sure if any of these organizations are still around.

A number of years ago, I attempted to locate the cards for the programs that were used in the space program, but had no luck. Following is earlier thread:

HP In Space

Good luck with your search.

Smithville, NJ
You can as well search for "Cause & Effect matrix" on the web and do & 5mn job on Excel. Not sure a calculator is the best solution for this kind of methodology nowadays.

Thanks for responding - but - my interest is academic. I have a PC based listing (Apple) but no calculator listing (41c), same web site.

ps: I'm a 30 yr retired AF COL - DTIC, ERIC, CALHOUN, DARPA etc are old friends. Looking for a easier solution based on user input to an earlier thread.

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