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Full Version: Get Statistics results in a program...
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why I get error with this code?

myvar:= Statistic_2var.MeanY;
but not with

myvar:= Statistic_2var.Resid();
// or myvar:= Resid();
if I type "Statistic_2var.MeanY" in CAS or Home it's ok, but I get error in a program...
where I'm wrong?

thank you in advance,
Mine reboots if I eval Statistic_2var.MeanY in home
This is probably obvious, but what I have found so far on the Android emulator:

The App is statistics with an s: Statistics_2Var
If you select the variables from the toolbox/App/Statistics_2Var,
Resid is listed but MeanY is not.

Suggesting that perhaps that variable is not defined in that App. I also tried1Var: same .

But typing it in at Home gives Error: Insufficient data (I haven't set any up), meaning Home recognises MeanY.

Update: But then I re-edited my program changing 1Var.MeanY back to 2Var.MeanY - and now it compiles! So: Did I have a typo earlier? Or did the Home evaluation change something?

You may have ran into the same problem I ran into. It depends on the mode type used. In any case you can review what I posted as a possible work around. Please review the following thread.


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