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Full Version: HP Prime DMS shortcuts
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Hi all,

I have had my trusty HP48gll for several years and it has finally died. I had a surveyor setup shortcuts in it for addition of DMS, subtraction of DMS and conversion dms-decimal and vice versa.

I have purchased a HP prime graphing calculator and am not sure where to start with setting the same shortcuts up. these were displayed along the bottom of my home screen on my old HP.

can anybody help?

thanks in advance
thanks Joe,

I found this, also found in the toolbox button the conversions to and from HMS.
is there a way to assign these to user keys? just so I don't need to access the menu and find it each time?

apologies for my ignorance - brand new HP user

so I just had a play and have realised that DMS key automatically converts both ways. very impressed!

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