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Full Version: Hoppi 1.3 Released
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Hello fellow RPLers,

After a brief surge of activity I've just released version 1.3 of Hoppi, available from


Hoppi is an application for Apple Mac OSX to allow communication with HP48/49/50-series calculators using the Kermit file transfer protocol.

The main feature of this release is the ability to transfer GROB objects from the calculator and view them in Hoppi. From there they can be copied and pasted into other Mac applications as normal.

See the documentation for more information. Note, however, that there is a problem with the PowerPC version: it doesn't support copy/paste of the GROB image. There seems to be a problem with the old version of Clozure CL needed for the PowerPC version that causes a crash, so I have disabled this feature for now. Hopefully not many people are still using PowerPC Macs, so this shouldn't affect too many people. If I find a fix then obviously I'll update things.

All feedback and bug reports appreciated.

Paul Onions
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