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(03-15-2015 07:29 AM)patrice Wrote: [ -> ]Hi all,
being a DMY-er I forgot this day, but you remained me , thanks.
did you noticed that for MDY-ers, yesterday was 4 decimals ? 3.1415 Smile

Yes a special day for us MDY-ers but one year for now it will be even more special (accurate) as it will be rounded instead of truncatedSmile
now everyone knows that pi day isn't until the 22nd of July, that is 22/7. my 2nd form math teacher told me this was the exact value, and he could never have been wrong!


rob :-)
Although not near so appealing as Pi Day, this works for XX/XX/YY and YY/XX/XX formats:


Who will remember this next year, on 04/04/16? :-)
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