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Full Version: Input Screen
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Is there a way to show your output variable on the input screen? The triangle app lets you enter values on three variables then displays the results for the other three variables - all on the input screen.

I just want to plug values into an equation using the input command and see the results, but I also want to have the ability to change one of the input variables and see the new results, all on the same screen.

Sorry at this point in time, there is no way to do that.

The crux of it is that the user can not setup some 'processing' while the input screen is running.

You can (sort of) by having a loop that calls your INPUT() command and dynamically adjusts the input parameters. I put up a skeleton of an equation library that did this.

You could try using a spreadsheet instead, since it is possible to call a user-defined function in a formula.
I'm not sure this is what you want, but here is some code I extracted from another program I am working on. Just cut and paste it into the virtual calculator or connectivity kit editor.

EXPORT InputForm1()



       {"Gas Base Properties Setup"},

       {"Base Psia:",
        "Base DegF:",
        "Atm Psia:",
        "Pipe Expansion:",
        "Element Expansion:"},
      {"Enter Gas Base Pressure",
        "Enter Gas Base Temperature",
        "Enter Atmospheric Pressure",
        "Enter Pipe Expansion, in/(in−°F)*1E−7",
        "Enter Element Expansion, in/(in−°F)*1E−7"},



UNTIL BasePress=0;
The 3 inputs are BasePress, BaseTemp, and AtmPress. The 2 outputs are PipeExpnA1 and ElmtExpnA2 which are calculated values. To exit, enter 0 in the "Base Psia" (BasePress) field.
Thanks all. That is exactly what I wanted - using a loop to repeat the input command that shows both the input variables and output variables. I like how you used one of the input variables to exit the loop.

As much as l like my HP Prime, I get the feeling that HP has restricted the ability to write programs with basic user controls such as user defined soft keys. I heard that the TI programmable graphing calculator has limited user program controls to prevent students from writing and playing games on their calculators. I wonder if HP has restricted user program controls for the same reason.
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