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hi all,
I'm using PRINT() to give an online help in Terminal.

mesg="my long message...";

When I'm in CAS all ok, the Terminal is cancelled when I execute again the program, but when I execute the program in Home the Terminal isn't cancelled and the message is added to the previous one, duplicated...
Any hint to give the user the option to read the screen and then cancel it?

Thank you in advance
I think PRINT(); will clear the terminal.
(03-13-2015 07:56 PM)Marcus von Cube Wrote: [ -> ]I think PRINT(); will clear the terminal.

you are right, but if I use


the Terminal is written, than erased...

I tried


but doing so, when the user tap the screen to scroll the text will be erased...

for now I solved so:

message:= " ...";

first erase the Terminal, then print my message.
However, doing so, also other system message will be erased...

To read and cancel just your text without clearing the whole screen:

I know of no way of doing that using PRINT.

the obvious way to temporarily display something would be to use MSGBOX.

If that doesn't help, less obvious ways to put something onscreen temporarily include:
INPUT (a screen at a time; up to seven I think;
several inputs per screen, each with their own descriptive label text)
CHOOSE (scroll through an indefinite number of lines, more than are onscreen)
Using graphics (save all the pixels, draw something, restore original pixels)
thank you Stephen, but I would just cancel the whole Terminal also in Home, in the original post, so I tried PRINT; as a workaround...

Salvo (IT9CLU)
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