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Full Version: Putting images onto your HP Prime caculator
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Hey guys, I am wondering how to put images on your calculator. I want to put a image of formulas that I am allowed to see and I would like them on my calculator for easy access. We have 1 quiz a week with different formulas, and instead of typing them out onto my notes, I just would to upload the image onto my calculator. Please help!
There is a way to do that using a 3rd party thing that converts to a program with images, but the best and most reliable way would be this:

a) open the emulator on the PC.
b) open a note
c) in the note editor, press "Insert" -> formula from the menu.
d) put your 2d formula in
On tiplanet.org,
When registered you have access to a tool called mViewer GX Creator
which is able to convert PDF or IMAGE files into hppl program (Prime pictures).
look at this tutorial in spanish on YOUTUBE:
i hope it may help you.
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