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Full Version: Copying "List" files from the Virtual Calculator to the Hardware Calculator
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I have 2 relatively large "List" files that I want to copy from the virtual calculator to the real calculator. The file names are "GasVars" and "Gasses". These 2 files were created from the home screen. They were not created using the EXPORT command. I have connected to the real calculator from the virtual calculator pull down menu. I can enter the virtual calculator memory manager, highlight "Lists" and then hit "send". I get a red circular arrow, it stays there about 5-10 seconds, then goes away. Problem is, no "List" file transfer happens. Am I missing something? I did search the forum, but didn't find anything that looked promising. Thanks
At this moment you cannot transfer individual files between the calculator and the computer. It is a limitation that will hopefully be resolved before too much longer. In the meantime, you will have do save it to one of the L1-L0 items and then it will send along fine individually.
You need to try your procedure on a physical calculator. It worked, after a fashion. I chose L0 and L9 and copied my data into those 2 files. I then "sent" them to the physical calculator. I then "stored" them from the home screen back to "GasVars" and "Gasses". I then tried my program that uses these 2 files, and it appears to be working properly. I then went back into the memory manager to "delete" the contents of L0 and L9. When I deleted one of them, it rebooted the calculator (have been unable to reproduce this one), and changed one of my files name to Chinese characters. The reboot also deleted another "List" file I had in memory. In other words, if I delete the contents of L0 and L9, I also delete the files "GasVars" and "Gasses". Not a good thing! But, things get weirder. I let the physical calculator sit hooked up to the PC for and additional 10 minutes or so. I then went back into the memory manager to delete the contents of L0 and L9, and this time they deleted properly. Go figure!
Thanks for the help.
Define "relatively large". Please attach those files in a message to me if possible and I'll try to take a look.
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Is something still in the wings to allow this type of file transfer? It appears the send key has been removed. These variables do show up in the CK, but I can't do much with them. I also checked the help file for the CK, and there appears to be very little documentation on this type of variable.
(03-08-2015 01:02 AM)Bob Frazee Wrote: [ -> ]I have 2 relatively large "List" files that I want to copy from the virtual calculator to the real calculator.
[Windows 7]: Using the connectivity kit and the List item in the left side Calculators pane, I can "drag and drop" the reserved list variables (L0-L9) between the virtual calculator and a usb connected physical calculator. Would this accomplish what you are trying to do?

My 2 Lists are "Gasses" and "GasVars". They are not reserved list variables (see post 1). The only way I am aware of to move these files back and forth between the CK and calculator, is to copy them to the reserved List variables (L0 - L9). I was wanting to be able to move them without copying them to the reserved List variables.
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