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Full Version: HP41CX Catalog 2 does not work
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I bought a HP41CX calculator from e-bay. I fixed it because the rechargeable battery pack corroded inside the calculator and corroded the terminals also.

I cleaned inside and changed the terminals.

I have 4 application modules installed in the calculator.

The HP41CX executes the programs from the modules but does not show these in the Catalog 2.

The Catalog 2 only shows 7 programs included some from HP41CX.

Any ideas?


The cx shows the major sections of the modules, and then to see what's in a section, you stop the listing and press Enter, and it will show the individual functions and programs in that section. I understand the c and cv did not do it this way.
Garth Hello,

You are right. It's different from HP41C and CV.

Cat 2, R/S, Enter and list all the functions.

Thank you very much. My HP41CX works fine.

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