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Full Version: Updated TI-58C Emulator by Pierre Houbert
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Hi All,

I just checked Pierre Houbert's TI-58C Emulator web site and was glad to see recent updates. Pierre has been updating his emulator for over three years. He has included support for RPN (yes you can run a TI-58C as an RPN machine ... how about that!!) and using various HP calculator skins! The documentation is updated and Pierre has even included a document LRN Programming my TI. The site has downloadable 100 programs, 168 skins, 59 themes, and 34 fonts. His emulator runs on Windows (98se, XP, Vista, 7, Windows 8) and Linux (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, Debian, Open Suse, Puppy Linux, Slitaz, ToOpPy Linux, Mageia... (with Wine)).

Houbert has done a real labor of love and I really encourage you to download his files, tinker with them, and give him feedback if needed (which he welcomes).

Hi Namir,
Thank you Namir for your support.
Indeed, feedback from users of my program allows me to develop my emulator and the list of updated (downloadable on my site) gives evidence of my consideration of the remarks which are made.
Your own comments allowed me to advance on this program, and that's for me a sense of honor to answer all remarks.
I will continue to work on my emulator because passion must never die.


Your commitment to continue developing the TI-58C emulator is phenomenal! Your work stands out in a class apart.

I am thinking about giving a talk related to calculator emulators (HP-41CX, HP-71B, HP-15C, WP34S, and your TI-58C) in this year's HHC conference. Erich Rechlin usually video tapes the HHC talks and posts them on YouTube.



My "work" for the emulator is only a hobby and a passion,
long and solitary quest of the Holy Grail !
Let us say that the TI-58C is an old youth love for which, aging over the years, I remained faithful and nostalgic...
Thank you again for your support.

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