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Full Version: Yippie! First General post in a new forum!
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The title says it all!

donald Williams

And.........Hopefully I will never have to wade through a zillion HP Prime messages again.

Thanks, Dave
My first post too, I just joined the forum.
(12-12-2013 12:48 AM)donald Williams Wrote: [ -> ]And.........Hopefully I will never have to wade through a zillion HP Prime messages again.

I'll second that!

Nenad (Croatia)

Hello, world!
Nevertheless, I will need some time to get used to the new MoHPC forum
Greetings. I too am taking in a deep breath of fresh air in the new forum.
I have carried over my user name from the old forum for continuity.

Hello world!

(12-11-2013 11:22 PM)Steve Simpkin Wrote: [ -> ]The title says it all!

Darn! You beat me to it! Smile

But now the prome messages are not mixed with general messages anymore! what a shame :-)

Hi everybody, ciao a tutti.
Happy to be here at home, in the new house!
Bonjour tout le monde, Hello HP fans,
happy to join this new Forum.

Jim Yohe

(12-12-2013 12:48 AM)donald Williams Wrote: [ -> ]And.........Hopefully I will never have to wade through a zillion HP Prime messages again.

Thanks, Dave

(12-15-2013 05:06 AM)jim yohe Wrote: [ -> ]Amen!

I concur. However, I suspect that years from now when the Prime is more of a relic and I warm to it, I'll be grateful for the archived threads.
Succesfully subscribed! Thanks Dave
Trying to find my VPN posts from the last Millenia...
Aaaah! The programs section!

Veli Pekka Nousiainen
the former president of STaK (the Finnish pocket computer club)
Long time no see. Welcome back, VPN!
(07-31-2018 12:06 PM)Thomas Radtke Wrote: [ -> ]Long time no see. Welcome back, VPN!

Thanks, Tommy!
No more programming...that's why no C

Veli-Pekka Nousiainen
by adding C++ to my name the follow-wing happened:
3: I got a lot of vitamin C (but still no C/C++ programming)
2: I have a more positive attitude in life (Believing in JHVH)
1: My name is now officially neutral "Veli Pekka Nousiainen"
In my searches for nformation about hp 48, the I always find good ones from VPN, especially in the comp.sys.48.

Good to see you here.

Currently I'm more interested in Genetic programming.
Maybe I start my 12 year studies in 2019/2020?

I also happen to own a HP Prime, but I didn't learn to program it (yet).
In order to help others I just downloaded the Emulator and the Lite version for Android.
I guess I watch a few Youtube videos and then start experimenting.
Since I'm not working (or studying) in Computer Science or IT business in general
this hobby of HP Prime learning doesn't have the needed time slot,
which simply means that I'm not able to be as dedicated as I used to be.
Sorry for being an HP Prime newbie for the next few months (minimum).

Veli Pekka Nousiainen aka VPN

PS: I also found my HP calc stash and I'm willing to sell everything I own
I need to finance my med studies
I'll tell later what I have
most valuable to me is my HP-700LX & Nokia 1100 combo
as it is a kind of Nokia Communicator prototype (with HP as the "mainframe")
I may have: HP-41CX, HP-16C, HP-42, HP-75C, HP-71B, a bunch of modules, etc
and three dead HP-41 for spare parts. => Classifieds - later

PPS: I'm not a bright kid any more, but an old grumpy guy (with belly + glasses)
HP 41cx and module for 71b interest me.

Waiting for ad in the classifieds

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