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Full Version: WP 34s tables
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One reason I tended to keep a TI 36X Pro in my shirt pocket when analyzing functions for max and mins was it's table capabilities which then enabled me to quickly come up with appropriate guesses to enter into it's solver for equating f'(x) to zero.

I realized that it would be easy to make quick table mimicking programs on the WP 34s. I have my function of interest in F0, use F1 to solve f'(F0)=0, F2 to solve f'(F1)=0. I simply made 4 simple programs, one that increments up the number in the x register by 1, and executes the equation F0, another that increments number in x register up by .1, and two similar programs which increment down by those increments. What is neat also is that x<>y quickly yields the x value for the f(x) value that is being displayed.

Now, I can enjoy RPN again, and not be limited to an 80 character equation entry!
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