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Full Version: HP35s RPN Series #1 Stack
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Has anyone else been baffled by the oddity that RPN calculators, whose heart and soul is tied up in its stack, has no direct top-of-the-keyboard-clear-keystroke to empty the stack of all but zeros? Inquiring minds want to know/

Ok, the HP35s gets it down to three keystrokes: [blue] [clear] [5]

But, notice, the five menu option is on the 'second' page of the clear menu-- it should be the first entry! In fact, it should be the gold key under the stack roll-down key...

My grandma used to say there are half-dozen ways to skin a possum. I never knew what that meant, and I don't ever want to know what that meant. But it got me to think'n-bout how many ways are there to skin the stack?

In order of # of keystrokes:

1) [blue] [clear] [5]
2) [0] [ENTER] [ENTER] [ENTER]
3) [0] [RD] [X] [X] [X]
4) [0] [RD] [/] [/] [X]
5) ( [RD] [back-arrow] ) x4 {can I use () in an RPN discussion?}
6) ( [back-arrow] [RU] ) x4
7) ( [blue] [clear] [1] [RD] ) x4
8) ( [RU] [blue] [clear] [1] ) x4

Well, that's more than half-dozen... are there more? --probably. Well, if you have a WP34s (don't try this at home on your 35s) you could enter:

[0] [blue] [ENTER] <--- fill that sucker with zeros, ha!

All of these are really muted point(s), because for the most part, the stack never really needs to be cleared. Unless it does... like in ten-key addition emulation, or certain constant problems... but NO, the stack can usually be left cluttered and unkempt. You can't really see it anyway on most RPN calculators-!

One more on the 35s: remove batteries and wait till agony.
I wrote a little programm. It is important to place my programm at the top of programms.
X001 LBL X
X003 RTN
If programm point in my calculator is on programm top (99 percent of the cases), I can press R/S button (one keystroke) and all stacks are clear. If programm point in my calculator is not on programm top, R/S button pressing launches another programm, but this is rare.
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