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Full Version: civil engineering software
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Does anyone know if there is some HP Prime software for structral analysis like FEM or Viga, or if there is a way to transfer that programs from HP 50G???
Unfortunately there is no programs like you are asking in the HP prime yet. I´m looking for them, too. The power of the HP prime would process the calculus quite fast, but nowadays there is no version for this calculator.
As Akmon said there are no programs like that for the HP Prime yet, and there is no way to transfer them from the HP 50G.
I'm a civil engineer student and I spent many hours looking for structural analysis programs and i couldn't find any.

For the subject "matrix calculation of structures" I needed some program that calculates the stiffness matrix of the beams and the structure; if not, it would be impossible to pass the subject. So I made my own spreadsheet where you introduce the characteristics of all the beams and you get the stiffness matrix of the beams; then in the spreadsheet you can assembly that matrix to get the stiffness matrix of the structure; once you have that it is easy to calculate the displacements and the forces on the beams.

If you think this spreadsheet I made could help you or anyone, I can share it.
Toperos, it can be useful for me, thank you very much!
I post it in the software section.
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