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Full Version: Usolve v1.8 Multiple Equation Solver Utility Program
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Usolve is a unique program for the HP50g which adds functions to compliment the built in Multiple Equation Solver (MSOLVR). The six menu key description below allows the user to create their own unique Equation Libraries and manage them in a directory.


STOEQ stores equation on the stack straight to Mpar very fast. Extract variables from equations so you don't have to.

TITLE Browser displays titles from current directories that contains Mpar

MSOLV after you store your equation using STOEQ MSOLVR is ready for you to use

VARS Displays a special browser that allows you to add comments to variables, add Units, change variable order, add null menu to MSOLVR menu and more

HELP add help to to current equation set

PRINT dumps a formatted text of variable and data to the stack. User have a choice of printing, Uploading to computer, or just view

EQcom extract comments from built in Equation Library

EQlib launches built in Equation library

Would like to get some feed back if you find this program useful

Omar Deen
This should be Usolve last update

New to Usolve v1.8 is a new VARS menu layout
Equation Variable Comments are now standard size fonts.
Equation Comments and units can now be toggled.
Changed 1VIEW to VLINE and added LS to VLINE for comments small fonts
Removed LS UNITS; added a smart EDIT menu key
Added EQcom and EQlib on second page of USOLVE main menu
EQcom extracts comments from built in equation Library to use with USOLVE
EQlib launches built in Equation library

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