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Full Version: Need help deciphering hp-28s program
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I thought I'd try "411 for the HP 28S", labeled a "Directory Assistance System" written by Tom Affinito in 1988. The 'BUILD' command follows:

            'name'  :
    << HOME ->411 DUP O->S "UTIL" + -> n n.s
           ELSE 'WK.LS' DUP EVAL n + SWAP STO
            "<>" + STR-> n STO
            n.s DUP S->N CRDIR STR->
            WORK CRDIR
            << WON >> SWON STO
            {} SU.LS STO

I get a "Too Few Arguments" error on "<>", line 4. Does anyone know what the symbol "<>" represents?
Update: I stumbled upon another source for this program. Line 4 is replaced by

"<<UTIL " n.s + " WORK SWON>>" + STR-> n STO

All is well.
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