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Full Version: HP 12c Platinum Virtual Calculator Trigs (emulator state file)
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[Image: HP_12CP_Trigs_zps91cabed4.png]

HP-12C Platinum keystrokes:

g GTO 090 R/S
g GTO 100 R/S
g GTO 178 R/S
g GTO 157 R/S
g GTO 137 R/S

HP-15C keystrokes:

g TAN-¹
g COS-¹
g SIN-¹

More information and instructions here.

Link to HP Emulators, including the HP 12c Virtual Calculator:

http://www.calculatrices-hp.com/index.ph...emulateurs (Thanks, Franz!)

Steps 277 through 399 are optional and can be deleted if necessary (in this case change line 268 to GTO 000).

12C_Platinum_Trigs.zip: Same as the US (THEM?:-) version, except that DECIMAL POINT IS COMMA.
How do these trig functions compare to Valentin Albillo's?
(01-26-2015 09:07 AM)EdS2 Wrote: [ -> ]How do these trig functions compare to Valentin Albillo's?

Fast and Accurate Trigonometric Functions on the HP-12C Platinum

- Angle modes (DEG, RAD, GRAD);

- The stack register Y is preserved;

- Wider input range while keeping the same accuracy (SIN, COS, TAN: |x| < 1E12 degrees);

- All functions are computed independently;

- Mostly fixed execution times regardless of the arguments;

- More accurate results (mainly because the HP 12c Platinum doesn't round intermediate results to 10 digits);

- Faster method (Minimax polynomial rather than Taylor series);

- At least 276 steps long, plus 15 registers;

- It works on the HP 12c Platinum only.

Valentin was limited to only 99 steps however, so his achievement is quite remarkable. I wonder what he could have done with four times more programming steps! (He would never need that much, in the first place).


Thanks! Just the degrees mode could be a crucial advantage.
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