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Full Version: [HP-34s] stupid question about versions
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Apologies in advance if this question hasn't been addressed elsewhere, but having recently found success flashing the 34S, I noticed latest version on Sourceforge (hence the version installed on my calculator) is earlier than the version on the pre-flashed calculator I purchased from Eric some months ago. I don't recall the specific version he shipped.

I presume Eric flashed the one he sold to me using a later version. Are such later versions available to the rest of us as an already compiled binary, and if so, where?

Not a complaint mind you, just curious.

I'm also exploring Bit's custom binaries. Exciting stuff!

Thanks for helping out a newbie.

(edited after posting, to delete irrelevant observation regarding BEG annunciator - I confused its appearance with this thread.)
I'm not sure why those flash images haven't been updated, July 2014 is far from the latest version. You'll find the latest official binaries in the realbuild directory.

I'm glad you find my builds interesting. Let me know if you notice any problem of if some feature you'd consider really useful is missing.
Thank you Bit. I couldn't figure out a way to navigate there. Now that I looked at it, the navigation bar (Summary, Files, Reviews, Support etc) makes perfect sense.

The big green "Download" button is the attention-getter on that page. The "Browse All Files" page also contains the link with title "Looking for latest version" and they're not.

If that's not how it's supposed to be, perhaps someone could fix it?

Quote:Let me know if you notice any problem of if some feature you'd consider really useful is missing.

I certainly will, but that's way over my head right now. If there is such a thing as perfection, the WP34S certainly comes close.
Building a release package is some manual work. I do it only occasionally and only when I have the feeling that things have settled for a while. Thanks to the recent activities in this forum, the code has become a moving target again.

So I'm waiting for input from the audience when it's time to update the release.
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